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Grilled to the Mac – is that not the best name ever for a food truck? Having recently watched the movie ‘Chef’ I couldn’t help but get a toasted Cubano sammie from these guys and it was literally to die for! Totally a great bite to eat to help soak up all that wine ;)


Frenchtoast and Indie Pop (October 18 2014):





Food trucks, oh how the world has been taken by you of late in no small part due to the wonderful movie chef (haven’t seen it? You should!). We loved the Delish ice truck last season and now Summer is coming again we were excited to head to the Taste of Claremont festival and get a taste of the all new truck to hit the scene, Grilled to the Mac.


This big yellow beast serves up some authentic Cubanos, Reuben’s, grilled cheese, and yep Mac and Cheese!


Being enamoured with Cubanos we couldn’t help ourselves and went for one as well as a bowl of good ol mac and cheese.


The mac and cheese was bright and had a cheesy pull. There was a bit of texture and crunch through the crumb at the top and a touch of onion. The macaroni was quite soft, a bit of a pet peeve of ours but considering we got one of the last bowls available it’s not really surprising. I’d have it again for that creamy comfort that only a good bowl of mac and cheese can bring.


The Cubanos was something else entirely.


I can’t say I can completely understand why this grilled sandwich makes me so happy, but there’s something about it that just works. The pickle, roast pork, ham, mustard and cheese makes for a flavour explosion in each mouthful, and that toasted panini has a satisfying crunch as you bit down. This dish is perfect food truck fare, finger food, a bit oozy round the edges, the kind of thing you see someone walk past with and set off to find some for yourself.


Grilled to the Mac really impress with their American inspired toasties and comfort food and if you spot it round town we heartily recommend you don’t let it pass you by!


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